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Learning and Career Development



Each employee is lifeblood of the Company. Consequently, company encourages employees to enhance their professional knowledge and make continuous self-improvement. At the same time, a wide variety of learning and development opportunities will be offered to employees aiming at mutual progress of the Company and its employees.


  • On-the –job learning

SG Group has experts in different fields. They are willing to share and support your learning via buddy program, coaching program, on-the-job training, etc.


  • E-learning platform

SG Group provides professional E-learning platform offering a rich mixture of learning courses like <Climate 2050>, <Digital Journeys>, etc.


  • SGR SH annual learning calendar

Each year, SGR SH will customize and provide in-house learning courses addressing challenges and competencies employees are facing. For example, <User Experience>, <Convincingly Selling Your Solution in Multi-National Environment>, etc.

Career Development

With clear career path and formalized review process, SGR SH employees have initiatives of their own to manage career development with full support from company and all levels of management.


Various options in career development have been defined:

  • Job Enrichment: variety or expansion of responsibility to grow knowledge and skills.
  • Lateral Rotation: move across teams in SGR SH or between BU and R&D to develop new skills.
  • Geographical Move: obtain experience in different countries.
  • Promotion: Move to the next higher position including technical tunnel and management tunnel.


Recruitment Channels

You can find open positions through below channels:

  • Career in Saint-Gobain China


  • 51 job  


  • Lie pin  


Welcome to send application with Chinese and English resumes to:


We are looking for candidates with a spirit of initiative, digital awareness, and the desire to dare and achieve.


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