Saint-Gobain offers comprehensive grinding solutions for the tool processing industry

There are many types of tools, and the abrasive products are widely used in tool grinding. Saint-Gobain Abrasives provide comprehensive grinding solutions for tool manufacturing, covering the entire tool manufacturing process, such as tool slotting and splitting, back angle grinding, etc.

Rotary tool processing

There are many types of rotary tools, and the abrasive products are widely used in tool grinding. Different materials and geometric sizes have different requirements for grinding wheels.

SGA tool grinding wheel fully understands and meets the needs of customers in the tool industry, shortens the grinding time, better applies to automated production, extends the trimming interval, improves the corner retention and balance

Market Application

Tool industry

Slotting grinding is the most time-consuming and cost-intensive manufacturing process in the production of drills and end mills. With the development of grinding machines, the spindle power is increased and the shaft stroke is smaller. SGA developed slotted grinding wheels to meet the development of the industry. The requirements and make these high-efficiency grinding machines achieve better economic benefits are the wise choice for users.

Slotted grinding

The splitting tooth can reduce the width of the chisel or end mill chisel edge and reduce the stress used by the tool. In general, the 12V9 grinding wheel or the sharp edge 1V1/14V1 grinding wheel can be used for the edge grinding.

Clear edge

Grinding the back angle of the cutting edge of the tool reduces the contact area between the tool and the workpiece during drilling or milling. Typically, one or two back angles are ground on the end face. Two relief angles/gap can be made along the circumference; on some tools, radial clearance grinding is required. In general, an 11V9 cup wheel or a similarly shaped grinding wheel is used to grind the back angle.

Back angle grinding

For special tools, we can customize the tools to provide the best solution for our customers according to the size and application requirements provided by the customer.

Special tool grinding

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