Provide solutions for rail maintenance and repair

Rails are the main components of rail transit, and their quality directly affects the safety and comfort of trains. We must eliminate or repair the rail damage in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of rail transit. Saint-Gobain Abrasives has always been committed to providing safe, cost-effective rail grinding and cutting products for preventive maintenance and salvage maintenance of rails, such as grinding wheels for rail grinding cars, rail cutting blades, and profile grinding wheels.

Rail grinding

Due to the ripples on the rails, poor light belts, flashing edges, cracks, etc., repairing sanding is required to ensure the comfort and safety of the train.

Market Application

Rail grinding refers to the occurrence of corrugations, poor belts, fat edges, cracks, etc., which need to be repaired and polished to ensure the comfort and safety of train operation. Eliminate the unevenness of the rail surface and surface defects; restore the rail profile to the original design requirements to slow down the further development of rail surface defects; improve the smoothness of the rail surface and improve ride comfort.

Rail grinding
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