Part Number

  • Name Type D50
  • ColorYZe-R-Black Dry Powder 0.25μm
  • ColorYZe-Black G Ready-To-Press Granules 60μm


Innovative Powders for Colored Ceramics

Saint-Gobain ZirPro’s ColorYZe® zirconia powders have been specifically developed for the manufacture of decorative fine ceramics. An alternative to metals and plastics, these ceramics are increasingly used for accessory parts in high-end consumer goods such as watches or jewelry parts and electronic devices.

ColorYZe powders are based on 3 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconium dioxide and include specific pigmentation systems that deliver outstanding color and gloss, as well as high mechanical strength, superior scratch resistance and greater durability.


A wide color palette

ColorYZe powders are available with different pigmentation systems for a variety of ceramic colors:

       ·  ColorYZe-White: several white grades are offered, ranging from pearlescent and slightly translucent to bright and fully opaque

       · ColorYZe-Black: the purest and deepest black ceramic available

       · Other standard colors are available


                                                                                          * Color presented may be different from actual colors

Adapted to each ceramic process

ColorYZe zirconia powders are available as dry submicronic powders perfectly designed for the preparation of feedstock for ceramic injection molding (CIM). CIM is being used increasingly in the manufacturing of large series of ceramic parts with complex shapes, especially in decorative fine ceramics (watch parts, jewelry, electronic device components and automotive interior parts). ColorYZe also can be provided in granules with organic binders for the preparation of ceramic parts by pressing.