Zirconia Powders

Saint-Gobain ZirPro is a world-leading manufacturer of zirconium oxide powders. ZirPro offers the largest line of zirconia powders, with composition ranging from monoclinic zirconia to yttria-stabilized zirconia (from 3 mol% to 8 mol%) to pigmented zirconia.  With two industrial zirconium oxide manufacturing processes based on either thermal or chemical treatments of natural zirconium silicate, ZirPro provides zirconium oxide powders featuring a wide range of purity (97.0% to 99.9%), particle size distribution (from large particles of 15µm to less than 1 micron) and reactivity (from 1m²/g to 25 m²/g for certain chemical processed zirconia).

ZirPro’s line of zirconium oxides addresses the specificities and requirements of many ceramic applications in markets such as aeronautics, automotive, electronics and communications. A technical leader with unparalleled material expertise and market knowledge, ZirPro can recommend the right zirconia for an existing application or partner with customers on co-development for new applications.