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Achieving sustainable development is the key to a company's long-lasting success. The Saint-Gobain Group believes in this and is working tirelessly on this global scale. The Saint-Gobain Group will continue to fulfill its corporate responsibility for the economy, the environment and society, and will do its utmost to support the development of the local community. At present, most orphanages in China can solve the problem of children's food and clothing, but what children need is a safe, caring and loving environment, which is currently not possible in many orphans.


Chunhui Boai provides family-like care and care for the most vulnerable children in China, and promotes and supports effective parenting and education models in China to tap and develop the maximum potential and potential of disadvantaged children. Chunhui Boai has a group that cares for children and forms emotional attachments with children. They are Chunhui mothers. Chunhui's fraternity exists to provide the family's warmth to the children who are lacking in love, so that they can regain the natural rights of each child - that is, each child should have a caring adult with him or her.


In 2015, Saint-Gobain Group (China) officially funded the Chunhui Pok Oi project and announced the funding of 50 Chunhui mothers for a year, 5,600 yuan per person, including wages and professional training fees, totaling 280,000 yuan, and encouraged employees and all Saint-Gobain groups to Subordinate enterprises in China make donations.


Quantum Membrane / Solar Gard also responded to the call for active donations, reflecting the love of the quantum membrane / Solar Gard for children and a strong sense of social responsibility.chunhui6

Your sponsorship allows a child to get a hug and kiss, which is an indispensable humanistic care in the process of growing up, and an important prerequisite for healthy growth in the future. Then appeal to the caring people to follow the footsteps of the Quantum Membrane / Solar Gard, and pass on love together! Please visit Chunhui Huai at Your hands can change the lives of those children!