Saint-Gobain Abrasives provide high-performance abrasives for cutting, sanding and shaping turbine blades for aerospace engines and gas turbines

Saint-Gobain continues to innovate, develop and produce a range of products for different grinding applications to meet the growing demand for new materials and the latest production processes in the aerospace industry. Such as Saint-Gobain's patented SG, TG ceramic alumina abrasives, resin cleaning technology, etc., bonded abrasives and coated abrasives made with such abrasives and techniques for grinding stainless steel and titanium alloys for space engineering and aircraft manufacturing, super alloys and other materials have excellent performance.

Aircraft assembly/repair

Aircraft maintenance and repair, mainly for non-returning overhaul, need to use sand discs, sandpaper, etc.

Market Application

Aerospace manufacturing industry
Aircraft fuselage, primer polishing

Abrasives are mainly used for the removal of parts, deburring and surface treatment of related parts.

Aircraft parts repair

Cutting the corners of the workpiece into a bevel. The chamfering is to remove the burrs on the part due to machining, and also to chamfer the end of the part for easy assembly.


Remove the thorns or flashes formed at the intersection of the part face and the face.


The surface of the body will be sanded before painting to remove the defects and increase the adhesion of the coating.

Paint surface grinding
Surface finishing and polishing

Product Brand

SG Norton China