At Saint-Gobain NorPro, we understand the significant investment you have in your reactor catalyst.

Only an exceptional bed support media will allow your catalyst to achieve optimum performance and service life. Our Denstone®
support media is made under ISO-certified processes to provide you with a consistent, reliable product. This gives you the peace of mind that your catalyst is safe from the common problems of chips, splits, spalls, cracks and dust associated with low-quality support media. You can trust that the monolithic structure of Denstone® support media will stand up to your most severe processes. Denstone® ceramic bed support was first introduced over 70 years ago to address the need for an inert support media that would retain the catalyst in fixed bed reactors without contaminating the process. The product line became synonymous with quality and structural integrity as Denstone® 57, the most widely used support media in the world, set the stage as the industry standard.

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Saint-Gobain is a world leader in high-performance materials with over 350 years of ceramic manufacturing history. And for the last 70 years, Saint-Gobain NorPro has been making ceramics for the refining, chemical, petrochemical and natural gas processing industries. In Saint-Gobain NorPro, you have a strong and reliable partner with a unique combination of experience and knowledge in ceramic manufacturing.


Today, Saint-Gobain NorPro offers Denstone® 57, 2000 and 99 support balls along with Denstone® deltaP® shaped support

media. Denstone bed support media is the optimum choice for reliable, worry-free operation.


Saint-Gobain NorPro通过我们的三个ISO认证的全球生产基地中的每一个基地,在Denstone®介质生产的每个步骤中都建立了一致性、质量和可靠性。这就是为什么您有信心从我们遍布全球的每个生产基地获得具有相同严格规格的同样卓越产品的原因。
在批准生产之前,我们对所有原材料进行鉴定并对原材料进行质量检测。我们强大的制造流程由Saint-Gobain NorPro的卓越运营计划提供支持,在每个制造步骤中构建了质量和可靠性。从混合到成型再到烧制,我们通过过程中的质量检查和最先进的设备严格控制我们的生产。最关键的是,我们的制造工艺为Denstone®支撑介质提供了均匀的结构和受控的孔隙度,从而提供最佳的生存能力和使用中的抗碎屑性能。使用劣质方法制造的产品或缺乏Saint-Gobain NorPro严格的工艺控制的产品往往缺乏零件间的一致性,使得它们在使用中的可靠性大大降低。在我们的产品发放运输之前,我们会进行严格的全面标准化内部测试,因此您可以确信每次都能获得质量和可靠性。