Especially manufactured for high efficient and relaxing cooking life

EuroKera glass-ceramic cooktops are applicable to induction, radiant and gas cooking methods. Withstand thermal shock and mechanical impact, Our glass-ceramic cooktops make cooking safe and secure. EuroKera glass-ceramic cooktops invite you to enjoy a high-efficient and easy-to-clean cooking experience.

Cooking Appliances

EUROKERA is specialized in manufacturing and developing advanced glass ceramic cooktops.

Co-founded by Saint-Gobain and Corning, we inherits world top glass ceramic technology and successful business experience of over 350 years in glass field.

Our 5 factories are located in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific respectively.

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Market Application

Kitchen Cooktops

EuroKera glass ceramic cooktops are suitable for induction, radiant and gas heating systems.

With its Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) approaching to zero, glass ceramic can withstand heat up to 700℃ without expanding or contracting. It is also resist scratches and impact. Sleek and integral glass surface releases a beauty of elegance and eases the burden of cleaning to the largest extent.

Kitchen Cooktops

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