Protect the patient's treatment process and life safety

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics provides high-performance products and services for the Life Sciences market. Our technical expertise, global manufacturing capabilities, and market knowledge combine with our research and development resources to meet the evolving needs of laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical customers around the world.

Lab Research

Each Saint-Gobain labware and tubing product is designed to provide the flexibility and functionality needed to increase productivity in a laboratory setting.Our products meet uncompromising quality standards to make a difference in the effectiveness of your research.

Whether an application requires temperature sensitivity, corrosion and/or chemical resistance, leak-proof operation or ultra-purity, our laboratory products are engineered to the strictest standards to ensure they perform consistently, reliably and flawlessly.

Our products include labware, fittings, containers, stoppers, closures and tubing as well as single-use solutions for cell culture. 

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