Photovoltaic buildings

PV roof systems help buildings remarkably reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, and their overall design life is required to be more than 30 years. For PV systems to better accommodate the aging-induced degradation of modules and dramatically reduce the frequency of maintenance, roof waterproof-ing materials also need to be unparalleled in performance. In response, the Polyeco PV series, which boasts excellent resistance to aging and excellent heat reflection, was developed.

Photovoltaic roofing

Photovoltaic roofing has the advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, cost reduction, and its waterproof demand is increasing, we have launched a special support for supporting photovoltaic equipment and waterproof layer connection, further improve the integrity of photovoltaic roof waterproofing.

Classic case:

Project Name: Chengdu Tongwei Solar Photovoltaic Base

Material used: thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproofing membrane

Use area: 400000㎡