Saint-Gobain: to meet customers need & deploy China’s ‘Big health’ market


In the romantic France, there’s an enterprise founded more than 353 years ago, it is also one of the world's largest materials company, and it has a great French style name - Saint-Gobain. It not only supply glass for palace of Versailles, also gradually expand in the following several hundred years to serve more industries, such as construction, transport, industry, etc., among them, life science is a key focus areas of Saint-Gobain.


Innovated high performance materials, for Medical & Health

Benjamin Le Quéré, the General manager of the Bioprocess solutions business unit in Saint-Gobain introduced that, Saint-Gobain Life Science mainly serve Biopharma and Medical fields by providing corresponding products and solutions. In recent years, the market of McAb agents and cell therapy expands rapidly in China, corresponding to which Saint-Gobain also actively designs products and solutions during key process. In order to meet the needs of domestic customers, we will invest production lines that meet the global quality standards of Saint-Gobain's biotechnology solutions in China to better serve China's biopharmaceuticals.


Saint-Gobain offers a comprehensive one-off solution tailored to the biopharmaceutical manufacturing market, the products serve in each biotechnological process, include mixer, tubing, filter, manifold, bag, carboy etc. and the brands like C-Flex®、TYGON®、Sani-Tech®、Pure-Fit®、Bio-Simplex®、BarbLock® etc.  


In terms of cell therapy, Saint-Gobain supplies unique VueLife® cell culture bags, KryoSure® cryopreservation bags & overwraps, and other related products. The company also works with customers and industry partners to customize disposable products (usually integrated products for automation systems). Because of its extensive expertise and experience in material science and the large-scale manufacturing technology, Saint-Gobain can provide a variety of solutions to the challenges facing cell therapy.

Localization, to meet the needs of China market

Saint-Gobain has been present in China since 1985, with a major Research and Development Centre and about 40 manufacturing sites in China.

Talk about 30 years after entering China market, Benjamin said, China market is changing rapidly from the traditional vaccine, recombinant proteins, by now the monoclonal antibody and cellular therapy, also industry focus. In addition, the regulation in China is becoming more and more specifications, also more and more strict with the quality of products.

On 3rd Dec, 2018, Saint-Gobain launched its new clean room with area of 2,400 m2, it was certified by NEBB, also compliant with ISO14644 and ISO Class 7 dynamic technical standards, which is Saint-Gobain’s largest ISO Class 7 cleanroom at the moment.