You’re touching products we make everyday

From the moment you wake up to time you go to bed at night, you’re touching products we make. From non-stick food cooking solutions and kitchenware, to bearings and tolerance rings in your home appliances and bicycles. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics significantly contributes to products used in households all over the world.

Noise Proofing

Unwanted noise is everywhere, from footsteps stomping across the floor above you, a television blaring in the next room, or traffic buzzing by your house. In a world where we are constantly distracted and Green Glue® Noiseproofing Solutions lets you enjoy the benefits of quieter living and reduced stress., allowing you to drown out the pollution of noise so you can be successful in your day.

Green Glue is Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics’ brand of noise proofing compound, clips, sealant and joist tapes.

Whether you’re a home owner, hotel operator or architect looking for ways to keep the noise out, or a home theater enthusiast or sound engineering professional trying to keep the sound in, Green Glue has the right solutions to noise proof your life.

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