Farécla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Surface polishing manufacturer, specializes in the production of processing products for a variety of substrate surfaces, providing surface treatment solutions for automotive beauty shops, maintenance personnel, shipyards, furniture factories, composite manufacturers and other industrial applications.

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Saint-Gobain Zirpro (Handan) Co. Ltd.

ZirPro continues to innovate, develop and deliver a comprehensive range of high quality ceramic materials.

Committed to improving the performance and efficiency of our customers' products.

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Saint-Gobain Beijing Fire-proof Material

Through continuous innovation and quality management, we offer a wide range of fire-proof products and services for various glass furnaces.

Meet customers' needs in terms of glass quality, furnace life and energy efficiency.

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Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd.

Focus on the development and production of various advanced ceramic materials, and work closely with customers.

Work together to develop tailor-made innovative solutions for materials.

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Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials

Boost your product performance

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Increase your process efficiency

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Saint-Gobain Specialty Grains & Powders


Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Rafractories and Saint-Gobain Grains & Powders exhibited in Metal + Metallurgy China 2019


Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics Shanghai and Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials Zhengzhou jointly participated the Metal + Metallurgy China Expo 2019 in from March 13th to 16th.

European Coating Show - Nuremberg - 2019


Saint-Gobain ZirPro will be at the next European Coating Show from March 19th to 21st in Nuremberg.

The development path in a changing environment


December 5-6, 2018,Specialty Grains and Powders hold the annual Asia Business Conference in Beijing. Following the group’s transformation and growth plan, management team is adjusting strategies and would like to grasp more development opportunities in a rapid changing market.

ZirPro exhibited in China International Battery Fair (CIBF 2018)


From May 22nd-24th, 2018, Saint-Gobain ZirPro (Handan) Co., Ltd exhibited in CIBF 2018 in Shenzhen and showed complete milling media solutions for Lithium battery industry. The high performance beads designed and produced by ZirPro, Zirmil Y, are recommended to grind the key materials in lithium battery : LFP and precursors, LTO, Si/C anode, CNTs, graphene, battery separator, etc.

ZirPro Handan release ZIRPOUND-feedstock through IACE China 2018


March 25-27, 2018, Saint-Gobain ZirPro Handan, exhibited at the 11th Shanghai International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference (IACE CHINA), in cooperation with Sumitomo-DEMAG, leader in the manufacturing of Injection Molding machines. ZirPro Handan officially released ZIRPOUND, the zirconia based Feedstock for Ceramic Injection Molding and is expanding the fast growing market of ceramic smartphone casings.