Materials create a bright future

We help collect solar energy, exploit oil&gas, minerals and ensure stable power generation, so as to extend the service life of products. Saint Gobain Ceramic Materials is the expertise of materials, providing solutions for lowering the cost and create a bright future together.

Oil & Gas

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions offers a broad range of thermal spray equipment and consumables to protect parts and machinery against high-temperature oxidation, abrasion, erosion and corrosion in demanding oil and gas applications. We apply our vast knowledge of materials technology and process engineering to deliver coatings solutions that extend service life and reduce downtime for costly repairs.


Saint-Gobain Surface  Conditioning offers precision metal bond diamond powders designed exclusively for the manufacture of PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) drill bit cutters used in oil and gas exploration. Our highly engineered metal bond micron diamond features very low levels of intrinsic and surface impurities, for consistent, reliable PDC cutters with long edge retention and long bit life in rigorous drilling environments.

Product Brand

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