Providing the highest level of support and technology

Every day, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics products provide customers with the highest level of support and technology to the electronics market. Products for this market are comprised of a diverse mixture of sophisticated composite materials used in the manufacture of wireless devices and components, to tolerance rings for improved hard disk drive resonance and torque ripple performance. From electromagnetic transparent composites used in radomes for effective satellite communications, to semiconductor manufacturing equipment processes.


At Saint-Gobain, we understand the intricacies of the fluid transfer application in the semiconductor industry, thus we are a long term solution supplier, with comprehensive design capability, material science know how, application expertise that offer peace of mind.

We provide the best support to OEMs by designing or co-developing components or subsystems that will enable them to build the most reliable chemical distribution system or wafer processing equipment and achieving optimum yield for their unique application.

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