Providing the highest level of support and technology

Every day, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics products provide customers with the highest level of support and technology to the electronics market. Products for this market are comprised of a diverse mixture of sophisticated composite materials used in the manufacture of wireless devices and components, to tolerance rings for improved hard disk drive resonance and torque ripple performance. From electromagnetic transparent composites used in radomes for effective satellite communications, to semiconductor manufacturing equipment processes.

Semiconductor Capsulation

Saint-Gobain products help make today’s electronics thinner, lighter, faster and more power efficient.

Film Assisted Molding (FAM) is a critical step in the manufacture of modern integrated circuits. Fluoropolymer films are used to increase yield and machine productivity during this process by reducing release forces when the integrated circuit is removed from the mold and eliminating the need to inspect and clean the mold in between shots.

Product Brand