Saint-Gobain provides a complete solution for automotive after-sales

We provide professional lacquer enamel spray accessories for major 4S groups and auto repair shops. No matter the grinding, shading and polishing of lacquer finish, we offer a wide range of products and complete solutions.


Surface treatment of sheet metal parts, such as spraying, plating, anode, electrophoresis, etc.

Market Application

Automotive aftermarket

Clean the surface of the old paint and polish the sheet metal with a sheet metal.


Sheet metal welding, sheet metal ash scraping, and sheet metal ash drying.

Substrate filling
Smooth and thin

Grinding and removing the welding of carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum alloy.


The processed material is removed to reach the required work.

Residual removal

Remove the thorns or flashes formed at the intersection of the part face and the face.


Cutting the corners of the workpiece into a bevel. The chamfering is to remove the burrs on the part due to machining, and also to chamfer the end of the part for easy assembly.


Product Brand

SG Norton China