Saint-Gobain provides a complete solution for automotive after-sales

We provide professional lacquer enamel spray accessories for major 4S groups and auto repair shops. No matter the grinding, shading and polishing of lacquer finish, we offer a wide range of products and complete solutions.

Car beauty

For the maintenance conditions required for different materials of various parts of the car, different car beauty care products and construction techniques are used to care for the car.

Market Application

Automotive aftermarket

Make the thickness of the wood consistent, remove the balance and so on.

Fixed thickness sanding / medium grinding and lacquer finish

Make the wood uniform in thickness and achieve surface roughness.

Fixed thickness sanding and medium grinding

In the process of car painting, flying paint has always been a headache problem, it takes a lot of time to make up, professional shielding tools are the key to solve this problem.

Full car cover 1
Full vehicle shading

Achieve a certain degree of smoothness to meet customer requirements.

Further sanding

The surface of the wood is flat and the thickness is uniform.

Initial sanding

Use sanding discs with special tools to polish the ash and surrounding areas and perform fine treatment to ensure that the substrate is free of defects before spraying.

Leveling too fine 2

The margin is removed and the surface effect of the demand is finally presented.

Medium grinding/polishing and lacquering

Handle the flaws that exist after the vehicle has been sprayed with varnish.

Paint finish

Use professional products such as polishing wax to remove the sandpaper marks left after the finish of the paint surface and polish the paint surface.

Paint finish
Paint finish

Cooperate with professional grinding products in the fine intermediate coating area and its surrounding old paint.

Polishing 1
Polishing 3
Polishing midway
Smooth and thin

Sheet metal welding, sheet metal ash scraping, and sheet metal ash drying.

Substrate filling


Product Brand

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