Saint-Gobain provides a complete solution for automotive after-sales

We provide professional lacquer enamel spray accessories for major 4S groups and auto repair shops. No matter the grinding, shading and polishing of lacquer finish, we offer a wide range of products and complete solutions.

Automobile sheet metal repair service

Repairing the deformed part of the metal casing of the car, you can restore it to the original by means of sheet metal, and then spray the special paint to restore the deformed metal surface of the car to the same as other intact places.

Market Application

Automotive aftermarket

Clean the surface of the old paint and polish the sheet metal with a sheet metal.


Use sanding discs with special tools to polish the ash and surrounding areas and perform fine treatment to ensure that the substrate is free of defects before spraying.

Leveling too fine 2

Handle the flaws that exist after the vehicle has been sprayed with varnish.

Paint finish

Cooperate with professional grinding products in the fine intermediate coating area and its surrounding old paint.

Polishing 1
Polishing 3
Polishing midway
Sheet metal shaping 1

Sheet metal cutting, welding, drawing, and polishing.

Sheet metal shaping 2
Smooth and thin

Sheet metal welding, sheet metal ash scraping, and sheet metal ash drying.

Substrate filling

Product Brand

SG Norton China