The future is made of Saint-Gobain Glass

Be it energy efficiency, acoustics, safety/security, self-cleaning or solar control, Saint-Gobain Glass has an extensive range of high performance, quality products developed specifically for the ever-changing needs of our markets.SageGlass products dynamically change tint in response to the sun to provide unobstructed outdoor views and enhanced occupant comfort. The products provide exceptional control of daylight, glare and energy use without the need for traditional solutions, like blinds, shades or low-e glass. As versatile and powerful as SageGlass is, it easily integrates into virtually any brand of window, skylight or curtain wall framing system.

Cultural Institutions

Reducing heat and glare makes occupants more comfortable, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

When SageGlass is built into a museum, visitors can walk through a gallery and admire works of art alongside a city view because the glass blocks 99% of solar radiation that can cause fading and other harmful damage.

In a cultural center, community groups can meet and feel connected to nature without experiencing glare or uncomfortable heat. A bright auditorium can be tinted down to just 1% of visible light transmission with just the touch of a button, creating the perfect venue for performing arts.

Whatever the institution, SageGlass can help make visitors feel welcome, comfortable and engaged in the experience.

Market Application





出于设计美观性和功能性的目的, 因此选用了SageGlass。设计师想要创造一种清新的外部玻璃表面,从而突出石头建筑,在审美上又能与其周围环境相匹配。通过使用SageGlass,建筑者不再需要安装遮光格栅来遮挡太阳热,并且由于降低了建筑人工照明的要求以帮助该项目获得了LEED点。




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