The future is made of Saint-Gobain Glass

Be it energy efficiency, acoustics, safety/security, self-cleaning or solar control, Saint-Gobain Glass has an extensive range of high performance, quality products developed specifically for the ever-changing needs of our markets.SageGlass products dynamically change tint in response to the sun to provide unobstructed outdoor views and enhanced occupant comfort. The products provide exceptional control of daylight, glare and energy use without the need for traditional solutions, like blinds, shades or low-e glass. As versatile and powerful as SageGlass is, it easily integrates into virtually any brand of window, skylight or curtain wall framing system.


House window

Installing high-performance glass windows, glass doors, conservatory roof glass and internal decorative glass makes houses bright, airy, inviting and energy-efficient. The more glass is used, the more natural light enters the home. 

Glass makes the home pleasant and comfortable, with no cost to security, safety, or environmental sustainability.

Passive house

A Passive House is a very well-insulated, and its basic principles are excellent thermal performance and make energy losses minimized. 

The Passive House concept represents today's highest energy standard with the promise of reducing the heating energy consumption of buildings by an amazing 90%. It is the world’s leading ‘fabric first’approach to low energy buildings. The application of the Passive House design would have a dramatic impact on energy conservation.

Product Brand

Saint-Gobain Glass