The future is made of Saint-Gobain Glass

Be it energy efficiency, acoustics, safety/security, self-cleaning or solar control, Saint-Gobain Glass has an extensive range of high performance, quality products developed specifically for the ever-changing needs of our markets.SageGlass products dynamically change tint in response to the sun to provide unobstructed outdoor views and enhanced occupant comfort. The products provide exceptional control of daylight, glare and energy use without the need for traditional solutions, like blinds, shades or low-e glass. As versatile and powerful as SageGlass is, it easily integrates into virtually any brand of window, skylight or curtain wall framing system.


SageGlass is a sustainable glass product that allows architects and builders to elegantly solve solar-control challenges without sacrificing aesthetics, design or energy-efficiency while reducing environmental impact. SageGlass often costs the same or less than conventional glass when you consider the total cost of ownership.

Due to the ability of SageGlass to adapt to solar heat and light depending on the seasons and needs, it brings a level of efficiency to a project that adds up to significant long-term savings over the course of a building’s life cycle.

With the flexibility to fit into almost any design and the technology to go beyond the limits of shades and blinds, SageGlass products are changing what glass means to architects and building owners.

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