Sports venues

Sports halls usually have unique architectural shapes, and the choice of Saint-Gobain polymer waterproofing membrane can not only ensure the beautiful landing of the architectural design, but also achieve all-round waterproof protection.

Basement side walls

Saint-Gobainyl self-adhesive thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproofing membranes will be used for the basement side walls. It is composed of TPO sheet, butyl glue and separator film, TPO sheet has strong aging resistance, chemical resistance and material life; Butyl self-adhesive layer has good weather resistance and water resistance, and excellent bonding effect. By bonding tightly to the base layer, it not only has reliable waterproofing, but also prevents moisture from penetrating into the gap between the waterproofing membrane and the structure, achieving a "full adhesion" effect.

Product Brand

防水卷材 中国