Materials improve the quality

With experience in automotive industry and strong R&D support, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials provide suface treatment solutions, high performance materials used for brake pads and lithium batteries, ect. We know the nooks and crannies of auto desgin, manufacture and repair, and develop materials for improving the quatily of automobile.

Brake pads

The specifications of the brake pads far exceed the requirements for simple stopping of sports vehicles. They also include low noise emissions during braking, reduction of dust generation, compliance with environmental regulations, and maintenance of the physical integrity of the brake pads during braking.
New ingredients such as zirconia powder and boron nitride powder are added to the brake pad material formula to meet more stringent specifications. Due to the abrasion resistance number, zirconia powder is added to the formulation of the brake pad material to reduce the friction coefficient and reduce the wear of the brake pads.

Product Brand

SG Ceramic Zhengzhou
SG ZirPro Handan