Providing high-technology materials and components to the industrial market

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics thrives when it comes to providing high-technology materials and components to the industrial market. Our longevity and extensive experience enables us to develop solutions to critical applications and uses. We custom engineer product solutions to meet your operating and performance parameters for a series of industrial applications within chemical processing and machinery to packaging and food and beverage equipment, surface coatings and manufacturing.

Chemical Dispensing

When it comes to dispensing chemicals through cleaning equipment such as dishwashers or laundry machines, Saint-Gobain is a market leader that manufactures and supplies both high performance pump and transfer/delivery tubing with the highest cleaning and sanitizing performance.
Each stage of the process requires specific tubing to handle the challenging and demanding performance requirements such as consistent flow stability, superior chemical resistant to the most aggressive chemicals, higher pressure rating and longer service life.

Our Value

  • Precisely designed products to meet strict performance and industry standards
  • Ability to customize new solutions for ever-changing industry / government regulations
  • Proprietary materials and process allow for longer service life in real world applications

Market Application

Product Brand