Providing high-technology materials and components to the industrial market

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics thrives when it comes to providing high-technology materials and components to the industrial market. Our longevity and extensive experience enables us to develop solutions to critical applications and uses. We custom engineer product solutions to meet your operating and performance parameters for a series of industrial applications within chemical processing and machinery to packaging and food and beverage equipment, surface coatings and manufacturing.

Surface Protection

Saint-Gobain produces thin film products for industrial surface protection. Whether you are looking for stain, scratch or chemical resistance.

Graffiti is a common problem for public transportation systems resulting in huge sums of money spent repairing the unsightly damage. Rather than repair, prevent the damage with a surface protection solution from NORFILM™ and CHEMFILM®. Our products range from ultra-high performance fluoropolymers to lower cost hard coat and anti-stain coverings. At the end of the day you wont need to repair or replace major panels on your public transportation, but instead wipe it clean with standard cleaners. And when the damage is so severe, the covering film is easily replaceable and causes no damage to the underlying surface when removed.

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