Providing high-technology materials and components to the industrial market

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics thrives when it comes to providing high-technology materials and components to the industrial market. Our longevity and extensive experience enables us to develop solutions to critical applications and uses. We custom engineer product solutions to meet your operating and performance parameters for a series of industrial applications within chemical processing and machinery to packaging and food and beverage equipment, surface coatings and manufacturing.

Pumps and Valves

Saint-Gobain Seals works with many global industrial companies, providing sealing solutions for vacuum pumps and diaphragm valves that operate under the harshest of conditions but still need to be safe.

Our Rulon® LR bearings have a universal chemical inertness that work well in chemical pumps that are being used the entire day with chemicals that range from acids to caustics and need volume controlled accuracy.

For vacuum pumps, our Meldin® 5055 vanes are valuable due to their self-lubricating properties, high wear resistance and high mechanical strength.  In diaphragm valves, our Meldin® 1357 air poppet/seal provides low friction, long lifetime for the component, and good impact resistance.

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