Providing high-technology materials and components to the industrial market

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics thrives when it comes to providing high-technology materials and components to the industrial market. Our longevity and extensive experience enables us to develop solutions to critical applications and uses. We custom engineer product solutions to meet your operating and performance parameters for a series of industrial applications within chemical processing and machinery to packaging and food and beverage equipment, surface coatings and manufacturing.


Saint-Gobain Seals specializes in sealing solutions for air compressors such as rotary screw compressors, which are the biggest, most powerful compressors on the market and commonly found in large factories.  These factories require a huge amount of compressed air running constantly for precise jobs; therefore, they need to be as efficient as possible without much energy consumption.

We also offer piston ring and scroll tip seals for refrigeration compressors, which are integral parts of the system due to the dependent nature of the other working components. Unlike other compressors, if the refrigeration compressor breaks down, the whole system will collapse.

Due to our Rulon® and Meldin® products’ self-lubricating properties, high wear resistance and high mechanical strength, our customers are assured of the long wear of their compressor products.

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