Airports, railways, high-speed rail stations

Saint-Gobain waterproof coiled material is the best choice of waterproof materials for traffic facilities, meeting the design life and waterproof grade requirements of airport, rail and high-speed railway station buildings, with wind exposure resistance, exposure, durability and other properties.

High-speed rail station

High-speed rail related buildings are preferably selected Saint-Gobain waterproofing membrane, which has excellent physical properties and high tensile and tear strength; There are also microbial growth characteristics such as mold and algae to protect the building.

Classic case

Project Name: Guangdong Huizhou Ganshen Railway Huizhou North Railway Station Comprehensive Supporting Project
Product used: pre-laid butyl self-adhesive thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproofing membrane
Use area: 30000㎡