Airports, railways, high-speed rail stations

Saint-Gobain waterproof coiled material is the best choice of waterproof materials for traffic facilities, meeting the design life and waterproof grade requirements of airport, rail and high-speed railway station buildings, with wind exposure resistance, exposure, durability and other properties.

Rail transit buildings

In the underground space of rail transit-related buildings, Saint-Gobain's superior multi-layer composite waterproofing material can be preferred, and the self-adhesive layer of the membrane and the concrete base surface produce physical adsorption and mortise and tenon effect, forming a "skin-type" full viscosity with excellent waterproof effect.

Classic case

Project Name: Harbin Metro Line 3 Phase II Project
Product used: Butyl self-adhesive thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproofing membrane
Area: 138,000㎡