Saint-Gobain Abrasives China

Abrasives solutions for thickening, sanding and tool finishing of woodworking, furniture production, flooring, panels, etc.

Furniture industry

Especially refers to the furniture made of solid wood. Generally, solid wood furniture will be divided into pure solid wood furniture and all solid wood furniture. At present, solid wood furniture is getting more and more popular.

Market Application

Coated abrasive applications include rough grinding, deburring, etc., such as removal of workpiece risers or other allowances in turbine blade machining

Coated abrasive application

Make the thickness of the wood consistent, remove the balance and so on.

Fixed thickness sanding / medium grinding and lacquer finish

Make the wood uniform in thickness and achieve surface roughness.

Fixed thickness sanding and medium grinding
Floor sanding
Flooring board sanding
Furniture assembly and polishing

Achieve a certain degree of smoothness to meet customer requirements.

Further sanding

The surface of the wood is flat and the thickness is uniform.

Initial sanding

The margin is removed and the surface effect of the demand is finally presented.

Medium grinding/polishing and lacquering
Polishing of furniture parts
Wood processing industry

Product Brand

SG Norton China