Materials develop techonology

With the development of Industy 4.0, automation is deeply applied in each industry. Materials used for electronic&semiconductor, are at the forefront of innnovation. Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials collaborate closely with customers to develop the innovative solutions for technology development.

Phone/Computer Casing

With the evolution towards 5G communication and the development of high-end smart phone and smart wearable devices, new opportunities and requirements are raised for the casing materials. Zirconia (ZrO2) ceramic has excellent mechanical properties, good dielectric properties, outstanding aesthetic properties and provides a unique touch feeling , which has attracted more and more attention. Saint-Gobain ZirPro can provide ZrO2 powders, ready to press granules and feedstock adapted to all ceramic processing, and the technical support to develop the perfect industrial solution for the production of ceramic parts for the smart phone and smart wearable device application.

Meanwhile, for the traditional metal casing of electronic wearables, ZirPro Microblast are used for blasting metal casings of mobile phones, computers and watches to achieve specially designed surface roughness and gloss, giving the product a delicate metallic texture and anti-fingerprint properties. It is one of the most classic applications of Microblast.

Product Brand

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