Focus on improving your driving experience

At Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, we manufacture a comfortable driving experience, from the smoothness of the steering wheel because of our bearings to the reduction of heat and glare from the sun that’s blocked by our window film.We also make critical components used in the engine, powertrain and chassis to keep you moving.

EV Battery packs

Saint-Gobain high performance foams provide cushioning,sealing,thermal management solutions for EV,ensure uniform pressure over the face of cells allowing battery expansion, and accomodate design tolerances aiding in maximum battery use life, protect batteries against vibration,overheating and electrical shorts, protect battery packs from external environment hazards,fires and external temperature variations.

Market Application

Norseal® Compression pads designed to protect the performance and improve the operating life of pouch cells.


Therm aCool® Gap fillers and specialty foams to protect batteries against overheating and electrical shorts.

Thermal Management

Norseal® Gasketing solutions to protect battery packs from external environment hazards (fire, water)

Pack Sealing
thermal protection

Product Brand