Focus on improving your driving experience

At Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, we manufacture a comfortable driving experience, from the smoothness of the steering wheel because of our bearings to the reduction of heat and glare from the sun that’s blocked by our window film.We also make critical components used in the engine, powertrain and chassis to keep you moving.


RENCOL® Tolerance Rings and NORGLIDE® Bearings brands are offered for a variety of powertrain applications as noted below. Powertrain applications include generating, distributing, transforming, and controlling power, as well as limiting NVH.

Our OmniSeal ® and Rulon ® sealing solutions used in high pressure (HP) exhaust gas recirculation valve. It's precise design reduced friction and the braking force, also controlled the leakage, so that our customers have confidence in their equipment.

Market Application

A NORGLIDE® Bearing is used within the Decoupled Pulley, offering benefits of reduced friction, maintenance free, and NVH improvements.

Decoupled Pulley

A NORGLIDE® Bearing is used in an environment of high oscillating movement to guarantee good Tension of the Belt drive.

Belt Tensioner

A RENCOL® Tolerance Ring is used in the Dual Mass Flywheel to mount a flange with a fixation ring. The Tolerance Ring provides protection in the event of torque overload.
A NORGLIDE® Bearing is used in the Dual Mass Flywheel to guarantee a constant low coefficient of friction and compensates for any misalignments.

Dual Mass Flywheel

A RENCOL® Tolerance Ring is used to Mount a Motor without causing damage to the motor while providing stability during its operating environment.

Throttle Body Motor Mount

A RENCOL® Tolerance Ring is used in the Starter Motor to mount a gear. The Tolerance Ring provides simple overload protection in the event of a misfire.

Starter Motor

A RENCOL® Tolerance Ring is used to mount a bearing in the Alternator's cast housing. This excellent mounting solution competes against alternative technologies of plastic/rubber boots and glue.


A RENCOL® Tolerance Ring is used to mount timing gear onto the Camshaft and provide the required torque to drive the Camshaft.


A NORGLIDE® Bearing is used in the Solenoid Valve to provide the armature of the valve without shielding the magnetic field due to thin material thickness.

Solenoid Valve

A NORGLIDE® Bearing is used to help guide the Clutch Release and offers benefits of no stick slip, reliability and efficient function of the clutch.

Clutch Release

Meldin® seals, bearings and washers from Saint-Gobain Seals are used in clutches due to their robust design and materials that help to ensure the clutch’s function for the lifetime of the vehicle: providing smooth vehicle movement, performing quietly and reducing drive-related vibration and protecting the drivetrain.


Handling Leakage and Friction

As a result of precise manufacturing process and customized material blends, our OmniSeal® and Rulon® shaft sealing solutions become maintenance-free to perform consistently over lifetime of the valve without additional lubrication.

High Pressure EGR Valve

Handling Leakage and Friction

Low pressure (LP) EGR seals are running in a lower temperature range than high pressure EGR Seals but still need chemical resistance in order to ensure maintenance-free function over lifetime. Our OmniSeal® and Rulon®shaft sealing designs lower friction and actuation force as well as control leakage in a precise manner, giving our customer confidence in their equipment.

Low Pressure EGR Valve Solution

Handling Leakage and Friction

Aligned with the LP and HP EGR valves, the EGR bypass valve is located in the EGR periphery or directly on the EGR valve. The EGR bypass valve is exposed to typical chemicals such as sulfuric acid. For an accurate control without stick slip in a dry running sealing application with excellent sealing capability over entire lifetime, Saint-Gobain Seals can provide an efficient sealing solution for this application through our OmniSeal® and Rulon® shaft seals.

EGR Bypass Valve

A transmission is needed to convert the available power from the engine into the needed speed and torque of the drivetrain depending on the actual driving conditions. Manual and multiple variants of automatic (stepped automatic, dual clutch, continuous variable and hybrid) transmissions are available. The number of gears has reached a level of 7 for manuals and up to 11 for automatics today. We support these critical applications with highly efficient Meldin® seal rings and thrust washers.

Transmission Solution

Variable valve timing (VVT) is a system of altering the timing of a valve lift event to improve the efficiency and fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine. Saint-Gobain Seals provides Meldin® VP seal ring solutions with low leakage and minimized friction losses. Due to our design knowledge, we design complete sealing systems using material such as aluminium to help our customers improve their VVT system to its maximum.

Variable Valve Timing

Handling Leakage, Chemical Resistance, Friction and Wear

High pressure fuel systems for diesel and gasoline are applied in all modern combustion engines. Our Rulon® shaft sealing solutions for fuel systems are made out of PTFE or injection molded fluoropolymer components, which lower friction and wear and assist in increased lifetime of the system.

Fuel System Solution

Handling Movement and Control

Our solenoid elements (push rods and guide rings) made out of Meldin® VP material are used to replace metal elements in the TCU. These do allow faster movement and thus better control than past solutions.

Transmission Control Unit

Handling Weight and Friction

Our high precision parts and low friction sealing solutions (Meldin® poppet seal, shield pot, damping washer and bearing) allow our customers to design best fit components in their application and reduce a component’s weight and size.

Air Bypass Solenoid Valve

Product Brand