Focus on improving your driving experience

At Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, we manufacture a comfortable driving experience, from the smoothness of the steering wheel because of our bearings to the reduction of heat and glare from the sun that’s blocked by our window film.We also make critical components used in the engine, powertrain and chassis to keep you moving.


NORGLIDE® Bearings and RENCOL® Tolerance Rings are utilized and effective in numerous automotive exterior systems. Their durability under loads, corrosion resistance, and ability to comply with painting applications, are primary reasons for their popularity by automobile manufacturers. Our Norbond® tapes cover a wide spectrum of applications with varying degrees of elongation, shear strength, tensile strength and operating temperature. Covison® material, which offers both co-extrusion and anti-elongation capabilities, offers technical solutions for vehicle sunroof and window sealing systems.

Market Application

The Pedestrian Safety in the Hood Hinge works with high load capable NORGLIDE® Bearings for immediate actuation of the safety system. This application uses bearings specifically designed for painting purposes to avoid disturbances like paint bridges or undesired paint inhomogeneity.

Pedestrian Safety in the Hood Hinge

The Powered Tailgate uses a RENCOL® Tolerance Ring to provide overload protection to the electrically actuated tailgate system by slipping when exceeding a defined torque level. This allows manual overruling to prevent damage or injury to the person or obstacle that is preventing the tailgate from closing.

Powered Tailgate

The Retractable Hard Top uses a NORGLIDE® Bearing inside to withstand the wind loads when convertibles are opened or closed while the user is driving the car. Furthermore, the bearings in retractable top applications survive the most severe climate conditions even in combination with light weight hinge parts.

Retractable Hard Top

The Side Door Profile Hinge uses a NORGLIDE® Bearing to provide tolerance compensation and stabilise torque, enabling an automated e-coating painting process. The bearing's load capability supports consistent operation over the complete vehicle life.

Side Door Profile Hinge

The Side Door Stamped Hinge contains a NORGLIDE® Bearing to allow a robust assembly with excellent misalignment compensation while providing a precise torque range and smooth door opening and closing function. The bearing's load capability supports consistent operation over time.

Side Door Stamped Hinge

The Sliding Door Hinge uses a NORGLIDE® Bearing. When opened or closed, the bearing is able to compensate high shock loads. Sliding door hinges contain different metal and plastic materials that are partially painted. However, NORGLIDE® Bearings are perfectly adapted to the very high corrosion resistance demands

Sliding Door Hinge

The Trunk Hinge uses a NORGLIDE® Bearing because of its robustness and excellent dielectric properties, for example, insulating functional layers avoid unwanted paint debris in the processes that follow. Thick layers guarantee a smooth and noise free deck lid movement.

Trunk Hinge

Norbond® adhesive tapes have strong initial adhesion strength for rapid bonding. Good tensile strength , strong bonding energy and resistance against extreme temperatures could ensure durable bonding


Our Norbond® products cover a wide spectrum of applications with varying degrees of elongation, shear strength, tensile strength and operating temperature. Very low VOC, very well used in emble bonding, body side mounding, step trim bonding.

Exterior Trim

DYNAFOAM® Foam-In-Place has features to seal out water, air or dust as well as decouple the noise vibrations, provides sealing for in B-Pillar covers.

B-Pillar Covers

Our expertise in door and window systems focuses on different levels of sealability. Our lightweight sealing materials offer a wide range of softness and elasticity.

Door and Window Systems

Norbond® bonding tapes are engineered to provide durable, long-lasting security in wheel weight bonding.

Wheel-weight bonding

Product Brand